To become first National and then a Global contributor to fundamental growth engines that include mobility, by employing State of the Art technologies at an optimum cost.


In Kolkata, we, together with the number two on the market in the manufacture of freight wagons, the company Jupiter Wagon Ltd. have established the subsidiary. The partnership is focused on the supply of disc brakes for the LHB passenger coaches.

All administrative and logistic flows for the company JWL DAKO-CZ Ltd. is provided by the parent company DAKO-CZ INDIA Pvt. Ltd.

We are the right choice

A reliable supplier for global rail vehicle manufacturers and rail transport operators

We have a high production capacity

We rely on expert and professional staff

We offer individual technical solutions (customized for the client)

Financial stability

We have more than 207 years of experience

We are a member of the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP


We shall build up a suitable social fabric with our employees, staffs, vendors and associates to spread the message of equality, harmony and peace.

With our product and services we shall offer the optimum value and effectiveness for a delightful nation.

Sharing the common values of both partners, with their customers

Our goal is long-term cooperation and customer support, joint development and sustainability is our priority and vision.

We are a company that is comprehensively focused on the needs of its customers, our strengths are quality, innovations, timeliness and complexity of deliveries, consulting and subsequent service.

We offer the strength of our knowledge, technical, technological and process know-how.

We offer interesting job opportunities in a dynamic
multinational company in the following areas